FW: in-town pool report 2 (+lunch lid called till 2:30 pm EDT)

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Subject: in-town pool report 2 (+lunch lid called till 2:30 pm EDT)

More from the Roosevelt Room pool spray at 12:20 p.m.:

POTUS spoke for about six minutes. He was flanked by VP Biden and eight others on his economic team. He noted that the US economy created 242k jobs this month, and unemployment below 5 percent.

“That is progress. Overall, America’s businesses have created new jobs for 72 straight months, six straight years of job creation.”

“In fact our businesses have created jobs every single month since I signed that ‘job killing’ Obamacare bill.”

“Today America’s businesses are creating jobs at the fastest pace since the 1990s. America’s workforce is growing at the fastest pace since the year 2000.”

“It is showing the kind of strength and durability that makes America’s economy the envy of the world, despite the enormous headwinds that it’s receiving because of weaknesses in other parts of the world.”

“The numbers, the facts, don’t lie. I think it’s useful, given that there seems to be an alternative reality out there, from some of the political folks, that America’s down in the dumps. It’s not. America is pretty darn great right now, and making strides right now.”

“I don’t expect that these facts and this evidence will convince some politicians out there to change their Doomsday rhetoric, talking about how terrible America is, but the American people should  be proud of what they have achieved, because this speaks to their resilience, innovation, creativity, risk taking and grit.”

“The fact is that the plans we have put in place to grow the economy have worked. They would work even faster if we did not have the kind of obstruction we have seen in this town to prevent additional policies that would make a difference.”

Cited need for higher minimum wage, more robust spending on jobs and training programs.

“That’s the debate that is worthy of the American people. Not fantasy, not name calling, not trying to talk down the American economy.”

“What we have done has made a difference. And there is a huge gap between the rhetoric that’s going on out there and the reality of success…. Even as we acknowledge that there’s more work that can be done.”

Kevin Diaz

Houston Chronicle/Hearst


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