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Pool was escorted into Oval Office around 11:50 a.m. Spray lasted nearly 40 minutes. POTUS, wearing a dark grey suit, sitting to Iraqi PM Al-Abadi’s left. Abadi wearing a navy suit.

VP Biden and National Security Adviser Susan Rice were spotted standing behind the pool in the Oval during the spray.

Please check all quotes against transcript.

News - President Obama is committing $200 million in additional humanitarian aid to Iraq to help people who were displaced by fighting with Islamic State forces.

“It’s very important for us to remember this is not an abstract issue, there are individual families and children who have suffered as a consequence of ISIL’s activities.”

Obama said Iraqi forces are making progress on pushing back ISIS forces. He claimed Iraq, allied militias, and U.S. coalition forces have taken back one quarter of the territory seized by the group, which he referred to as “Daesh,” a nickname it considers to be derogatory.

“This is a long process … success will not occur overnight,” Obama said. “But what is clear is that we will be successful.”

Obama said Abadi’s commitment to an inclusive government is key to success in defeating ISIS. He said the prime interest of the U.S. is to maintain the sovereignty of Iraq and pushing out ISIS.

Obama and Abadi also discussed ways Iraq can diversify its economy beyond oil revenue.

POTUS spoke for about 10 minutes. Then Abadi addressed the media, speaking through a translator.

He thanked U.S. forces for making sacrifices in Iraq and said they will not go to waste. Abadi said Iraq has made great strides toward establishing democracy in Iraq.

He said support from U.S. led coalition has had the “greatest impact” in driving back ISIS forces.

Abadi said he has no tolerance for human-rights violations committed by pro-government fighters, but acknowledged that some have occurred. He blamed “criminals” and “outliers” for committing those acts and pledged they would be found and brought before the Iraqi justice system.

“It’s not an institutional approach, it is individuals,” he said.

Abadi said it is critical for all fighters combating ISIS to be brought under the control of the Iraqi government, an apparent reference to Iran-backed Shiite militias.

He thanked nations in the region for their assistance in fighting ISIL but said that other nations must respect Iraq’s sovereignty.

“We have a common enemy in fighting terrorism … I am certain we will be able to defeat this enemy,” Abadi said of his partnership with the U.S.

Obama and Abadi took questions after about 25 minutes of speaking. Will send those in a separate report.


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