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Please note the pool spray occurred after Obama and Abadi’s meeting concluded.

POTUS was asked whether he is comfortable with Iran’s role in Iraq and the level of coordination between Iraq and Iranian-backed militias.

Obama said he discussed the issue “extensively” with Abadi.

He said “we expect Iran to have an important relationship with Iraq as a close neighbor.” But he said that the expectation for Shia militias fighting ISIS is they will go through the Iraqi government and be “answerable to” its chain of command.

“That’s how you respect Iraqi sovereignty,” he said.

“It is important for all unified forces to be under control” of the Iraqi government.

Obama praised Abadi’s administration as an “inclusive government” that is listening to all of the people.” He said that makes the coalition’s job of fighting ISIS “much easier.”

Second question came from Iraqi media to Abadi. He was asked whether there will be coalition support in liberating Anbar and Mosul from ISIS control, according to translator.

Abadi said he discussed coalition support with Obama.

“We need support from the U.S. and coalition forces,” Abadi said.

He said Obama administration has expressed “full readiness” to provide support for security forces.

Obama was asked whether he would provide additional weapons for the Iraqi security, such as Apache helicopters and drones.

The president would not give a specific answer, he said he was meeting with Abadi to make sure Iraq and the coalition “is in a position to succeed in our common mission.”

Pool was escorted from the Oval Office a few minutes before 12:30 p.m.


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