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POTUS delivered nearly 8-minutes of remarks from the Pentagon Briefing Room. Remarks were carried live, but here’s some of what was in the room (which features a carpet, stage, and curtains that are all slightly different shades of blue, and about 25 reporters in seats).

POTUS stood in the middle, with three generals to his left all standing with hands in front of them.

Biden, furthest to POTUS’ right, stood with his arms crossed.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter, just to POTUS’ right, appeared to grow teary-eyed toward the end of POTUS’ remarks, wiping a moist eye at one point.

Following the remarks, POTUS greeted several servicemembers in the hallway, thanking them and wishing them happy holidays.

“Chicago in the house!” he said to one woman. He asked which part of the city she was from, and she replied North Side.

POTUS moved down the line. Biden then approached the servicewoman from Chicago and put his forehead up to her forehead. Pool wasn’t close enough to hear what words were exchanged.

At 1:04 pm motorcade left, en route back to the White House. Uneventful right, arriving back at 1:14pm.

We have a lunch lid until 2:30pm, with exception of the briefing.

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