Fw: In town pool report #3

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Subject: In town pool report #3

Just over an hour after he arrived, POTUS left the Fiola Restaurant, where he was attending a DNC roundtable, at 5:12pm. A gathered crowd outside attempted to get POTUS photos, but only got the car.

On a pleasant 81-degree day, the pool held outside on the restaurant's front patio, unable to view any of the event but sustained by the sparkling water provided by the restaurant.

Details about the event via the DNC's Miryam Lipper (who, if there are follow-ups, is at xxx@email.com): On Friday, August 28 President Obama will attend a DNC roundtable in Washington, DC with approximately 25 supporters contributing $33,400 at Fiola Restaurant.

Motorcade had a short and uneventful several block ride back to the White House, arriving back on the South Lawn at 5:17pm.

POTUS, with a cup of some kind in his hand, walked back to the Oval Office.


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