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President Obama addressed the upcoming Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage during a speech in the East Room, but it was interrupted by persistent heckling from an immigration campaigner who tested his patience in an unusually colourful confrontation.

Speaking for 15 minutes to a group that looked to be approximately 200 strong, the president told the reception for LGBT Pride month that whatever the decision handed down by the court, the country had come a long way.

“We are now awaiting the Supreme Court's ruling on whether same sex couples nationwide have the equal right to marry,” he said to loud cheers after listing other recent gay rights achievements.

“There are a few decisions coming down in the next few days that I am paying close attention to, but however the decision comes down on the marriage issue, one thing is undeniable: there has been this incredible shift in attitudes across the country.”

He added: “A decade ago politicians ran against LGBT rights. Today they are running towards them”.

However the event was earlier interrupted soon after Obama began by a heckler who repeatedly shouted out “Not one more deportation”.

The president seemed less patient than usual and quickly asked the heckler, who your pooler could hear but not see, to leave.

“Hold on a sec,” said Obama. “Ok. You know what. Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. No, no, no, no. Hey, listen, you are in my house,” he added, to cheers from the audience.

“You know know what? It's not respectful when you get invited to somebody ['s house]. You are not going to get a good response from me by interrupting me like this. Shame on you, you shouldn't be doing this.”

As the crowd also became impatient and began booing and sshing the heckler, Obama had the heckler removed.

“Can we escort this person out? Can we have this person removed please," said the president.

“As a general rule, I am just fine with a few hecklers but not when I am up in the house,” he added to laughter from the crowd. “If you are eating the hors d'oeuvres, know what I'm sayin'?, and drinking the booze...”

Pool was not able to verify the heckler's identity but she was named in an email from LGBTQ group Get Equal as Jennicet Gutierrez.

Obama was introduced by Megan Smith, US Chief Technology Officer, and was also accompanied by Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.

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