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Obama spoke for about 10 minutes, there were no questions and his remarks were all related to the event.

At 2:14 p.m., a line of about 16 young men in dress shirts and ties walked into the Blue Room and sat in the front row of seats facing the podium. President Obama followed them in to applause (and at least one squeal from the audience). The president was dressed in a grey suit and dark green tie.

Please check quotes against the transcript:

Obama said these young men (all of whom appeared to be African-American or Hispanic) know it will take hard work and perseverance to get to where they want to be. “They know they’re going to face some obstacles along the way, sometimes some discouragement, because all too often the world underestimates young men like these,” he said.

Obama said one young man (Bernard or Gerard?? unclear to pooler) said he wanted to become the attorney general of the U.S., which was a laudable goal, but that it would take a lot of preparation, including college, LSATs, law school, passing the bar, and then joining the U.S. attorney’s office. Obama said he took 10 minutes to go through the steps toward becoming attorney general, to which the young man replied, okay. “And then a couple weeks later, he spends the day shadowing Eric Holder,” the president said.

Other young men in the group were student-athletes looking to get scholarships, Obama said. “But understand that as we discussed, the odds of you becoming a doctor or a lawyer or a school principle are lot higher than you being in the NBA,” Obama told the group.

Obama called out the individual names of the graduating seniors and where they were attending college, then congratulated the juniors for taking college prep classes and the SATs, just like Malia.

The president also talked about expanding mentorship programs across the country through My Brother’s Keeper program. “Because what we know is when we give outstanding young people like this a chance, they can succeed. They just need a little bit of help,” he said.

At 2:24 p.m. Obama ended his remarks and walked along the front row of seats, shaking each graduate’s hand. The president then left the room and pool was escorted out at 2:25 p.m.


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