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Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker introduced POTUS to a raucous, cheering  crowd of hundreds of city officials (official estimate TK) at the National League of Cities, saying he "is a great friend and ally of American cities." He thanked Obama for "more than delivering on his promises" to America's cities. "Federal officials are going local by partnering with cities," Becker said.
As someone in the crowd yelled "I love you," Obama responded "I love you too."
"Every day you wake up ready to solve problems," Obama told the group. "You don't have a lot of time for gridlock ... You're part of the reason why America's coming back."
Obama said cities are "well-positioned" to "take advantage of post-recession economic progress" with "middle-class economics."
Cities have been a "great partner" in this, Obama said, "while we've been waiting for Congress to do something."
"There's a lot of work we've done together, and a lot more we can do," he said.
He challenged city officials to help "build a tech job pipeline. ... We tend to think that all these jobs are in Silicon Valley," he said. "But two-thirds of these jobs" are not in tech companies, so they are "in every corner of the country."
"When these jobs go unfilled it's a missed opportunity for workers but it's also a missed opportunity for you," he said. "So today I'm announcing a new initiative called 'TechHire.'" He said new training models have the chance to reach underserved communities, women, veterans, and others.
It will help "local leaders connect tech opportunities to tech training to tech jobs."
"Anybody who has the drive and the will to get into this area should have the opportunity to do so," Obama said.
"In each of your communities there is an opportunity to find talent" and match it with training and then  jobs needing to be filled.
"Help people get on the path to fill the new jobs of this century," he urged.
POTUS walked off the stage to standing applause at 11:58 am. He will work a rope line before departing.

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