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POTUS finished remarks at 12:46 PM.

A transcript is forthcoming but a few highlights.

Struck optimistic tone at start. Described this moment in time as the
best chance to succeed. And "right here right now" in the U.S. was the
place to do it.

Again made short pitch for TPP trade deal.

POTUS continued theme that the U.S. is the place to invest. Argument
ranged from high school graduation rates to mature capital markets to
U.S. rule of law. "I don't mind being America's pitchman," he said.

Joked about looking for a new gig. "In seven months or so I'll be on
the job market and I'm glad I'll be here." "I'm going to get on
LinkedIn and see what comes up."

Back in the vans at 12:49. Rolling to WH a minute later. Arrived back
at WH at 12:55 pm.

Lunch lid until 3 pm with exception of the briefing.

Mark K. Matthews
The Denver Post

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