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The pool was ushered into the Cabinet Room around 11:30 a.m. the president was meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and his regional combatant commanders and his civilian secretaries. The president began by thanking Defense Secretary Ash Carter, Gen. Joe Dunford and Gen. Paul Silva.

He said the primary purpose of his meeting was to say thank you. The meeting was part of a regular gathering that Obama has with his military commanders. In these meetings, "we have been able to set broad strategy, identify areas where we have to improve and address the health of the force," Obama said.

"This will be my last meeting with them, so part of my goal here is just to say thank you," Obama said.

Obama alluded to the fact that "we still have a lot of active threats around the world and we still many American men and women in harm's way." He mentioned the battle for Mosul, the ongoing conflict in Syria and the fighting in Afghanistan.

He said a big part of his goal in the meeting will be to make sure that the next president will benefit from their "advise and service."

He also praised the military not only for their ability to fight, but their respect for "the rule of law, professionalism and integrity." He praised the military for its respect and recognition of "our constitutional structures"

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