FW: In town pool report #5

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Sent: Tuesday, November 8, 2016 1:02 PM
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Subject: In town pool report #5

POTUS walked through the White House colonnade on his way from the residence to the Oval Office around 12:45pm.

On a clear, sunny fall day POUTS was dressed in a dark suit and striped tie. He pointed at the cameras as he walked, saying “Go vote. It’s up to you.”

Asked by a reporter if he was nervous about tonight’s election results, POTUS said, “As long as the American people vote, I think we’ll do a good job. I hope everybody’s voted early. If not, get out there.”

He then walked into the Oval Office, and the door closed behind him. The First Family’s dogs, Bo and Sunny, were spotted being taken for a midday walk through the colonnade a few minutes later.

Pool is on lunch lid until 2:30pm.

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