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Happy Easter Egg Roll Day! The Obama's last, your pooler's first.

President Obama and The First Lady emerged on the balcony at 10:38 am
just as the sun broke through a drizzly morning. The Easter Bunny
preceded the first couple.

"Happy Easter," Obama said, sporting a purple gingham shirt sans tie
and coat. "You guys brought the sun out, so we appreciate that."

FLOTUS said it was a "bittersweet" moment: "This is the Obama
administration's last Easter Egg Roll." Remarks were open to
pre-credentialed media and a transcript is out.

The first couple moved immediately to an Easter Egg Roll course, with
Bo and Sunny in tow. A Storm Trooper lurked in the background, though
Secret Service seemed unconcerned.

Obama asked the kids awaiting their turn at rolling eggs if they knew
the rules and then blew a gold-colored whistle. The kids flicked their
eggs quickly across the short field.

"Who's the winner?" Obama asked and then began high-fiving all the
kids. Obama held his first infant of the day, a young girl with a
bunny on her shirt. The president told one eager fan that he couldn't
do a selfie. "Can't do that," he said, then noted an egg that had been
smashed into the South Lawn. "There was like a spin out," he said.

Obama then picked up his second baby, another girl.

At 10:56 a.m., the president and first lady arrived at the Story Time
Stage and Obama noted that he would again be reading "Where the Wild
Things Are," which he called a fan favorite. Some kids watched from
plastic chairs, others from blanket-covered hay bails.

As he started reading, POTUS asked an aside from his child audience as
the character Max was getting into trouble. "Do your moms and dads
every say, 'You guys are making mischief' like Max"? Obama asked.
FLOTUS occasionally tossed in some color commentary, getting the
children to roar. The first couple stood up at one point to show their
version of the "wild rumpus" part of the story, and seemed to be quite
enjoying themselves.

"Oh, that was exhausting," Obama said as he sat down. After finishing
the book, the president offered more high-fives and answered a
question from one of the kids who was in disbelief of whom he was
meeting. "I AM the president of the United States," Obama could be
heard answering the child.

At 11:05 a.m., Obama came over to the White House basketball court
where Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal, AKA Shaq, was playing with a group of
Jr. NBA kids. Also spotted: retired NBA player Jason Collins, the
first openly gay NBA player. Shaq, leaned over from his towering
height to whisper something in Obama's ear, and both chuckled.

Obama shot his only basketball of the day, hitting a brick against the
rim, before snapping more photos and heading to the other side of the
area, set up with two small tennis courts. Obama, with a Wilson
racket, hit a ball flung his way but misjudged the weight of the
over-sized tennis balls and it bounced on his own side. He knocked the
next ball out of bounds. He picked up his game for the next few
minutes and a woman declared him the victor with a 3-1 short game.

More pictures ensued and Obama found another infant girl to hold
aloft. And with that, the president escaped out of view.

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