Fw: In-town pool report No 2 - pool spray after Obama/Park/Abe trilat

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Subject: In-town pool report No 2 - pool spray after Obama/Park/Abe trilat

Pool spray after POTUS trilateral meeting w/ President Park Geun-Hye
of the Republic of Korea and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan. VP
Biden also in attendance.

Spray began at 11:51 am. POTUS sat in center, President Park to the
left, Prime Minister Abe on the right.

POTUS spoke of "common values" and "common vision for the future of
the Pacific."

On North Korea, POTUS spoke of importance to the international
community to "vigilantly enforce the strong UN security measures.”

“Trilateral security cooperation is essential to maintain peace and
stability in NE Asia, deterring the NK nuclear threat, and the
potential of nuclear proliferation."

POTUS said discussion broadened to cover global challenges - climate
change, ISIL, cancer moonshot - and noted, re ISIL, that at the end of
the nuclear security summit there will be an international focus on
steps needed in light of Brussels. Both ROK and Japan have been
“stalwart allies” in that process, he said.

President Park spoke next, followed by President Abe, both echoed
POTUS's comments.

Over Obama's right shoulder stood various SAOs, including Secretary of
State Kerry, National Security Adviser Susan Rice, VP Biden.

Pool ushered out at 12:05.

Linda Feldmann

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