Fw: In-town pool report No. 5 - Obama-Xi bilat pool spray

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Subject: In-town pool report No. 5 - Obama-Xi bilat pool spray

Pool spray before POTUS bilat w/President Xi Jinping of the People's
Republic of China

POTUS started talking at 2:23 pm. The two leaders sat across from each
other at a long table, Obama on the left (from pool's perspective) and
Xi in the right.

POTUS welcomed Xi and spoke of his commitment to working effectively
with China and President Xi. Speaking from notes, POTUS said the US
and China have established a relationship when it comes to nuclear
security, including China's new Nuclear Security Center of Excellence.

"I believe we can deepen our cooperation, including against nuclear
smuggling," POTUS said.

Of great importance to both countries is N. Korea's pursuit of nuclear
weapons, he said. "President Xi and I are committed to
denuclearization of the Korean peninsula."

POTUS said he was pleased to announce new steps to accelerate
implementation of Paris climate agreement. Will sign agreement on
first day possible, and implement asap. Expressed desire to work
together on economy, and hope for a successful G-20 in China.

Said he expects "candid exchange" in areas like cybersecurity, human
rights, maritime issues.

President Xi spoke next, began by highlighting positives, such as the
Iran nuclear deal, and JCPOA. He said two way trade and investment
have set new highs, and mentioned "effective cooperation on Syria and
Afghanistan. Mentioned joint challenges: sluggish growth of world
economy, terror threat on the rise.

"As the too two biggest economies, China and the U.S. have a
responsibility to  work  together." Also referred to "disputes and
disagreements," for which the two sides can "seek active solutions
through dialogue and consultation."

The priority, he said, is to work with mutual trust.

Remarks ended 2:30.

Participants on US side, per White House:

The President
The Vice President
Sec. John Kerry, Secretary of State
Sec. Jack Lew, Secretary of the Treasury‎
Michael Froman, United States Trade Representative
Susan Rice, National Security Advisor
Avril Haines, Deputy National Security Advisor
Benjamin Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic
Communications and Speechwriting
Brian Deese, Senior Advisor
Wally Adeyemo, Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economics
Max Baucus, U.S. Ambassador to China
Ryan Hass, Director for China, Taiwan, and Mongolian Affairs
Danny Russel, Assistant Secretary of State
Dan Kritenbrink, Senior Director for Asian Affairs

Linda Feldmann

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