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Waiting to go into Roosevelt Room. Here is background from WH:

Background from the White House:

The President is holding a roundtable meeting with local elected officials and small businesses across the country to discuss the opportunities and benefits of trade as well as the challenges that small business exporters face. Our businesses are selling more Made-in-America goods and services around the world than ever before, which is contributing to the historic job growth we have seen: 12 million new jobs over the last 60 months. To build on this momentum, the President has asked Congress to provide him trade promotion authority – to finalize new, fair, and free trade deals that put American workers first. 98 percent of American exporters are small and medium-sized businesses and the President welcomes the chance to hear from this group as we pursue new ways to reach customers beyond our borders in a way that supports our communities, businesses, and the middle-class.


·         Steven Basta, CEO, AlterG (CA)
·         Jenny French, Principal, SUNRNR (VA)
·         Jeff Hohman, President, Northwest Door (WA)
·         Tom Lisicki, President, StashTea (OR)
·         Mary Jane Loevlie, CEO, Shotcrete Technologies (CO)
·         Luis Marrero, Founder, Spectra Colors Corporation (NJ)
·         Alain Miguel, Co-Founder, Modalyst (NY)
·         Gabriel Ojeda, President, Fritz-Pak (TX)
·         Pradeep Wahi, Chairman, Antenna Research Associates (MD)
·         Michael Nutter, Mayor, Philadelphia
·         Bob Buckhorn, Mayor, Tampa

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