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At 4:54 p.m, POTUS and family arrived at The Ellipse for the National Christmas Tree Lighting. The event is open to pre-credentialed media.

More info and live stream: >http://thenationaltree.org<

Background from WH:

Tonight at the 2015 National Christmas Tree Lighting, the President will be introduced by Betty Reid Soskin, the oldest ranger in the National Park Service. At 94 years of age, Soskin regularly leads tours and talks at Rosie the Riveter World War II Home Front National Historical Park, which highlights the women who took jobs in factories and other war-related industries. Soskin was one of those women, working in a segregated Union hall, Boilermaker’s A-36, during World War II as a file clerk.

In 1945 she and her husband founded a still-existing small Berkeley music store, before holding numerous positions in local government.  In 1995 Soskin was named a “Woman of the Year” by the California State Legislature.  In 2005 she was named one of the nation’s ten outstanding women, “Builders of communities and dreams” by the National Women’s History Project. As a park ranger since 2004 – her first and only position with the National Park Service – Soskin is able to share her unique view of the history of the Home Front during World War II.

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