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Subject: in-town print pool report 1: Oval Office

At 11.16 AM ET pool was led into the Oval Office where POTUS was seated with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef. Seated behind him was Saudi foreign minister Adel Al jubeir, who translated for the prince.

POTUS spoke first, praising the U.S.’ longstanding relationship with Saudi Arabia, which POTUS noted “dates back to Franklin Roosevelt.”

Pausing periodically for translation from an aide, POTUS said the US and Saudi delegation will discuss “some bilateral issues” including Yemen and the ceasefire there, and “some of the broader issues” that will be on tomorrow’s summit agenda.

POTUS praised US-Saudi cooperation on counter-terrorism issues, saying that relationship has been “absolutely critical not only to maintaining stability in the region but also protecting the American people.”

Saudi Arabia “is a critical part of our coalition in the fight against ISIL,” POTUS said, “and I’m sure we’ll have opportunities to discuss the progress that we’ve made in the fight against ISIL in Iraq as well as the continuing crisis in Syria.”

Nayef spoke, and said Saudi Arabia gives “great importance to the strategic and historic relationship between our two countries.” That relationship “continues to strengthen and broaden with time.”

“We look forward, god willing, to working with you to overcome the challenges and bring about calm and stability to the region,” he added.

POTUS did not take shouted questions about Amtrak and other issues.

“We’ll have a whole press conference, Julie,” he said in response to questions from the AP. “You’ll get all kinds of questions."

Pool was led out of the Oval Office about six minutes after being led in.


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