Fw: in town travel pool #3 -- dinner remarks

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Subject: in town travel pool #3 -- dinner remarks

OFA spokeswoman Katie Hogan (formerly of the WH press office) reports that there were 200 people listening to POTUS remarks in the first event. They were mostly OFA activists from around the country, she said.

POTUS entered the dining room (another ballroom immediately adjacent to the one where he gave remarks) at 5:50 pm Eastern time. The room has seven round tables with 11 people at each one, for a total of about 77 people, give or take.

According to Hogan, the people at the dinner are a mix of OFA volunteers, staff, donors and others.

POTUS is giving remarks at a microphone in front of an American flag and a flag of the presidential seal.

Stand by for remarks in the next pool report.


Michael D. Shear
White House Correspondent
The New York Times

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