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Emerging from Marine One, now in blazer, President Obama made a beeline for press corp. It turned out he was heading to the family of Marine Major Patrick Richardson, who piloted the chopper that had just delivered him home.

Richardson was making his final flight at the end of a one year assignment as a Marine One commander, per his mom and dad.

Obama greeted the major's wife and their two sons. He leaned across the rope and kissed the mom. Then he turned to the man next to her: “Is this the dad? Didn’t mean to kiss your wife without asking,” Obama said, playfully and smiling, as he shook the dad’s hand.

Mom and dad are Sue and Stu Richardson of Richmond, Va. Wife is Jamie Richardson. Sons are Alex, 8 and Ryan, 3. The major’s sister, India Richardson, also was there.

“It’s breathtaking,” Jamie Richardson said after her husband lifted off and headed toward the Washington Monument. “It’s unbelievable. It’s quite an honor.” She and the family have witnessed a lot of his Marine One flights, she said, but almost always from the Ellipse.

The major has been in the Marines for 12 years, his parents said.

“We’re just so proud of him and so proud he got to fly President Obama,” said mom before the chopper left the White House.

“He’s in a very select group,” said dad. “He’s a Cobra pilot by training.”

The president went into the residence after a couple of minutes with the Richardsons.

A travel/photo lid was declared at 6:52.

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