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Pool is holding in a large meeting room in the main castle of the OECD. The room has carved wooden doors and panels, and there are three tapestries draped in the center of three of the wooden walls, with large floor-to-ceiling windows on the fourth side. The room measures about 3,000 square feet and has 20-foot ceilings. The tapestries seem to depict various Greek gods, including Cronus (he's got a scythe and toga and is seated in a cloud), Artemis (she has a bow, arrows and hunting dogs) and some other dude in a red robe holding a staff (Zeus? OK, but no lightning bolt is evident).
There is a U-shaped table in the middle of the room with water glasses, flowers and a multi-colored array of macaroons (we're in France!) at each seat. Each place has a sign printed in block letters on some solid material of country names, which include Santa Lucia, Marshall Islands, Kirbati, Barbados and Papua New Guinea.
Your pooler is sitting on some nasty maroon indoor-outdoor carpeting (given the glory of the wall decor, we could have sprung for burbur, no?)  along with Justin Sink of Bloomberg, Scott Horsley of NPR and Jeff Mason of Reuters.
Scott Horsely of NPR is still grinning from the smoked salmon and egg breakfast he claims to have had at the Intercontinental this morning, a claim your pooler was unable to verify since your pooler missed the morning buffet. This after Mr. Horsely consumed snails last night for the first time. "Wonderful," Mr. Horsely said. Mr. Horsely claims he will never eat so well again. Your pooler is bitter.
Leaders are due shortly, when presumably we will rise to greet them.

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