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Dr Biden addressed the girls in the schoolyard, with her granddaughter Naomi at her side. They're receiving their report cards today, and she quoted from Malala in her brief congratulatory remarks: "One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world." She shook hands with 4 honours students, (Selen Aleyna Kayam, Irem Ahsen Meral, Ipek Ezgi Topuz, Elif Gamze Karakasoglu) before a photo op. Following this tableau of pixies cuts and headscarves cut straight out of Erdogan's New Turkey, the next step was consistent with the old: the assembly turned towards the bust of Ataturk (the nation's founder) in the corner of the schoolyard and delivered a hearty rendition of the Turkish national anthem. The delegation headed to meet graphic design students in an IT laboratory, where the first student Dr Biden attempted to talk to recused herself on account of nerves. Only one girl answered the teacher's question "who's NOT too excited?" affirmatively, and she told Dr Biden wants to set up a design agency, an ambition which met w approval from Dr Biden who told the girls it's important they're learning computer skills so they can get jobs and be independent.

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