Fw: Leaving Bellows Air Force Base; Pool #4

From: Harris, Gardiner
Sent: Sunday, December 27, 2015 2:17 PM
To: Allen, Jessica L. EOP/WHO
Subject: Leaving Bellows Air Force Base; Pool #4

Our beach excursion is at an end. Motorcade is currently rolling away.
Your pool has been treated to a symphony of blues at the Turtle Bay Recreational Center at Bellows Air Force Base on the east side of Oahu. The sun is out, and the sky is Dodger blue. The light has turned the ocean shallows into a cyan blue – the kind of inviting tropical color that your pool rarely experiences in anything but the furthest southern reaches of the Florida Keys.
But beyond the break, the ocean snarls into a sapphire blue – the kind of dark, forbidding color that speaks of great depth and sharp teeth.
Your pooler swam into those depths early this morning under a nearly full moon, the enthusiasm of a jet-lagged naïf pushing past reason and good sense. About a mile out, the hotel key in your pooler’s briefs – oddly folded by a freak wave – created a pinch that felt like a creature’s jaws. Your pooler was deeply discomfited by this and reconsidered his moonlight swim into the Pacific’s depths.

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