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On a perfect fall day, with a blazing sun, still-green grass, and the
first hints of wood smoke in the cool air, POTUS emerged from the Oval
Office and strode to Marine One in that solitary entrance into the
day's news that he has perfected over nearly eight years.
President Obama was wearing a dark suit, white shirt and blue tie.
Following 30 yards behind him were aides Valerie Jarrett, Josh
Earnest, David Simas, Kristie Canegallo and Joe Paulson.
Marine One lifted off at 1:27 pm., leaving behind a green cloud of
pollen blown from the trees that drifted back over your pool like dust
from a country road.
Before passing to the travel pool, an aside: the present production of
Romeo & Juliet at the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington is
outstanding. As a one-time Romeo and regular viewer of the play, I
have never seen a better Mercutio. His interpretation is
transformational. Capulet is also outstanding, with a terrific turn
from jocularity to malevolence. Juliet is small enough that she is
literally tossed around by the men in her life, a nice touch of
physicality to her psychological captivity. And Romeo's washboard abs
make Juliet's swoon entirely believable. The early part of the banquet
scene, instead of being a distraction, is truly entertaining. Can't
recommend it highly enough. See it before the run ends.

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