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Obama left the fundraiser at the home of JJ Abrams, the Star Wars
director, at 3:04 PST.

The crudités were terrestrial; the view to the Pacific was not. Homes
here on San Remo Drive have high hedges, steel fences, gated driveways
and pixy dust. Abrams' low-key Cape Cod-style home had, your pooler is
afraid to admit, an understated elegance. Plus the rubber mask of the
creature from "Alien" attached to the face was creepily cool.

A Secret Service agent had to ask Greg Jaffe of the Washington Post
several times -- the last time somewhat forcefully -- to put down the
mic and leave the premises. Your pooler is now comforting Jaffe,
recovering from his glimpse of how the other 0.01 percent lives.

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