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More quotes from the Island multi lat courtesy of our own Jerome Cartillier of AFP:

“Their population are amongst the most vulnerable to the ravages of climate change”

“Some of their nations could disappear entirely and as weather patterns change, we might deal with tens of millions of climate refugees in the Asia Pacific region”

“I am an island boy. I understand both the beauty but also the fragility”

“Their voice in these negotiations will be absolutely vital”

“We have to have an ambitious agreement, although the targets themselves my not have the force (of a treaty?) , the process, the procedures, that ensures transparency and periodic reviews, that needs to be legally binding”

“These nations are not the most populous nations, they don't have big armies (…) but they have a right to dignity and sense of place (..) and their voice is vital in making sure that the climate agreement that emerges here in Paris in not just serving the interest of the most powerful”

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