Fw: Out-of-town pool report #13

From: Chris Geidner
Sent: Tuesday, December 6, 2016 7:16 PM
To: Rutherford, Sarah D. EOP/WHO
Subject: Out-of-town pool report #13

Air Force One touched down at Joint Base Andrews at 7:03 pm.

President Obama came off the plane at 7:14 pm, to a light rain but no umbrella, quickly entering his ride to head home.

As to earlier audience size numbers, those were provided by the White House. The 2,500 audience size for the president's speech was provided to the White House by Frederick FALLMAN W III CIV USAF AMC.

The motorcade headed off at 7:15 pm.

With that, thank you all for allowing me the pleasure of joining the merry band today, and I will hand things off to our in-town pool!

Chris Geidner
Legal Editor, BuzzFeed News

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