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Three additional points from White House press secretary Josh Earnest in the gaggle aboard Air Force One - regarding matters on Capitol Hill.

On House Speaker Paul Ryan's discussion of a continuing resolution that would last through April 28:

"They have not released the text of the CR, so I am not going to comment in a lot of detail about the proposal until we've had a chance to look at it ourselves. I will just reiterate, though, the significant concerns raised by [Defense] Secretary Ash Carter, who said that the extension of the continuing resolution all the way 'till May would hamstring the ability of the Department of Defense to do everything that they believe is necessary to keep the American people safe."

On the possible rider to help Gen. James Mattis - regarding the 7-year military separation requirement - in his Defense secretary confirmation hearings:

"We'll take a look at what they put forward before we pass judgment on that."

On the water bill rider backed by Sen. Dianne Feinstein and opposed by Sen. Barbara Boxer:

"We have been briefed on this measure. I can tell you in general that we continue to review the bill, but based on what we know so far, we don't support the kinds of proposals that have been put forward to address some of the water resources issues in California right now. So, we don't support that measure that's being put forward, but we'll take a look at the bill in its totality. The thing I want to hasten to add, though, is that Republicans should not use the disagreement in California as an excuse to break their promise to the people of Flint to provide resources to address the situation with the water supply in Flint, Michigan."



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