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Potus back @ WH 1215. Travel photo lid called @ 1250  Ceremony @ Arlington open to pre-credentialed press. What follows is color and some quotes from Potus remarks which stressed need to hire veterans who are returning in new wave of 200,000 a year.           A 21 gun salute sounded to signal Potus arrival on cemetery grounds and again on his departure. Marines in dress uniform standing @ attention lined the road leading to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Potus placed large wreath on a stand and stood respectfully for several seconds. Taps played.                                          Pool then moved to amphitheater which was festooned with American flags and packed with people sitting on stone slabs  Honor guards from previous wars participated in parade of colors. Beautiful day sunny with brisk breeze. Secretary  of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald introduced Potus who gave a shout out to the oldest living female world war two vet who this month turns 108. She got a standing ovation. Pool cd not see her presume she was in wheel chair. Her name will be in transcript of Potus remarks. Theme of Potus speech is that tributes while appropriate "ring hollow if we stop there" he said vets "know how to get stuff done" and that's what America needs. He cited two vets who started a coffee shop that's so good his sleep deprived staff ordered their coffee served in WH. He singled out for applause a young woman an Arny vet who turned her life around with help of free therapy fot her PTSD and now helps others 'She represents the best of who we are as a nation.".

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