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POTUS also gave an endorsement of VA secretary Bob McDonald and his efforts to cut waiting time for veterans seeking medical care. But he said neither he nor McDonald were satisfied and one of their next missions would be to speed up the claims process.

POTUS also criticized Republicans for insisting that budget sequestration could be done without weakening spending on veterans. “Some of the reckless budget cuts under the name of seqstration … that’s not the way to keep our armed forces ready” or deliver benefits to the troops and their families, he said. “These mindless cuts have to end,” he added. He said there were two ways forward on the budget: one would keep sequestration and use “gimmicks” to fund the military — “that’s what the Republican budget does” — or to end sequestration and for Congress to come up with a budget “that protects our national security and our economic security.”

He vowed to veto any "bill that locks in” sequestration.

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