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Subject: Pool report #1

Pool was escorted out at about 8:35 a.m. to the South Lawn on a bright, sunny but chilly Tuesday. Lots of military personnel present in their colors. Members of the Armed
Forces lined the stairs leading up to the entrance near the South Lawn holding Japanese and American flags alternately. Band was playing merrily in the background. Guests (your pooler is unsure of the makeup) were present on the lawn behind ropes holding Japanese and/or American flag for the ceremony. Decorated podium was set up.

President Obama and the First Lady walked out at 9:04 a.m. Obama is wearing a dark suit. Mrs. Oval is wearing a light multi colored dress and matching blazer. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife stepped out of limo bearing American and Japanese flags at 9:06 am and shook hands with the president and first lady. Prime Minister Abe was also wearing a dark suit. Mrs Abe was wearing a red dress and matching shawl of some type. The president and prime minister took places on the podium, Abe standing on Obama's right. The first lady and Mrs Abe took places aside near to other dignitaries. The Japanese anthem was played before the American anthem. After the anthems, the president and prime minister took a turn around the South Lawn to inspect military. The president and prime minister stopped to shake hands with guests, including what appears to be some school children on their way back to podium much to the crowd's delight. Excited chatter and a few squeals could be heard coming from the crowd.

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