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This isn't strictly pool material, but Bernie did show for a stakeout and said he and  POTUS had a "productive and constructive meeting   about a number of issues"
Foreign, domestic and "occasionally a little bit of politics"
(About 45 mins, per Earnest)
Said Iowa comes down to "one word and that is turnout"
"We're feeling really good about where we are" but not saying he can repeat Obama in 2008.
"If there is a large turnout I think we win, if not I think we're going to be struggling"
Said he did not ask the president for his endorsement
Re WH & Hillary:
"I think he and the Vice President have tried to fair and even-handed in the process and I expect they will continue to be that way"
Called it "just a discussion to just get myself updated on some of the current issues"
Included talk of Isis, Iran, Syria.
Broke off without answering questions about next debate.

Kevin Diaz
Houston Chronicle/Hearst

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