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Pool Report #1
Oval Office
Meeting with King Felipe VI
September 15, 2015

Potus and the king met in the Oval Office and the pool was brought in afterward to hear them make about 23 minutes of comments, including translation. They took no questions.

Potus raised the migrant crisis in Europe and pledged to continue to cooperate with Europeans in addressing it:

"We also had the opportunity to discuss the migration crisis that's taking place currently in Europe and Spain has worked hard to deal with this issue in the past with North African migrants that oftentimes are engaged in dangerous travel and human trafficking that takes place.

"Obviously, that's gotten worse over the last several months and we agreed that this is going to require cooperation with all the European countries and the United States and the international community in order to ensure that people are safe, that they are treated with shared humanity and that we also may have to deal with the source of the problem which is the ongoing crisis in Syria. And we discussed how we can continue to strengthen that cooperation. And I discussed the fact that the United States feels it is important for us to also take our share of Syrian refuges as part of this overall humanitarian effort."

The king made no mention of the migration issue. The rest of the comments were the standard fare about how much the two admire each other and how close the two countries are and the shared history, etc. etc. The king noted that he visited Mount Vernon this morning and would be visiting Florida to see the earliest Spanish settlement in the Western hemisphere.

Potus spoke in English and was translated into Spanish, occasionally nodding during the translation. The king spoke first in English, noting that he had spent two years in Washington as a student at George Washington University, and then spoke again in Spanish that was not translated.

Potus did mention that his family had visited Spain. "I hope that I can travel to Spain before the end of my presidency," Potus said.

At the end of his own remarks, the king said that would be wonderful. "We welcome you with open arms," he said.

As always, please check against transcript.

Peter Baker
NY Times

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