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Pool Report #1
July 24, 2015

On the Record from Press Secretary Josh Earnest: "While traveling aboard AF1 on Thursday night, the President received a briefing from Lisa Monaco, his homeland security adviser, on the mass shooting at a movie theatre in Louisiana. The President directed his team to keep him updated on the investigation and on the status of those injured in the shooting. The thoughts and prayers of everyone at the White House, including the President and First Lady, are with the community of Lafayette, Louisiana, especially the families of those who were killed."

AF1 was wheels up from Andrews at 8:27 pm and landed at Ramstein for refueling at 9:20 am local (3:20 am DC time). No Potus sighting during the flight.

To clarify on the members traveling to and from Kenya/Ethiopia, the 20 named are taking turns on AF1 because there's not room for all at the same time. Those not on one particular leg are flying on a separate US military plane.

Were scheduled to be on the ground at Ramstein for about two hours.

Peter Baker
NY Times

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