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The pool was quietly wrangled for the president's appearance at FLOTUS' Kids "State Dinner." This appearance was off the record and your print pooler was not pulled for the event. Courtesy of Bloomberg's Toluse Olorunnipa:

President Obama popped into the annual Kids' "State Dinner" to give a very brief address to the young attendees.

In remarks (which were open press, please cross reference transcript) beginning at approximately 12:10 p..m., Obama told the children about his love for broccoli and how proud he was of their achievements and for being so healthy

"You guys are setting a great example for all your friends... I'm proud of you." Obama said. He then told the crowd that he was going to go shake some hands but that he "can't take selfies with everybody."

More quotes:

"You guys look pretty healthy"

"The food looks outstanding. I'm particularly impressed with the Barack-amole."

"It turns out that parents don't always have the most influence" when it comes to getting kids to eat healthy.

"You guys are setting a great example for all your friends"

Ending his remarks at about 12:14 p.m., Obama then went around and greeted some of the children and adults attending. Quite a few people in attendance. Looked as if their was a parent for each child. Obama asked what was their dish, where they were from. One little girl said she was the one who did the Barack-amole and they had some banter between.

Obama left the room at approximately 12:35 p.m.

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