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Cinco de Mayo reception

POTUS, wearing a dark suit and red tie, began his remarks in the East Room at 5:41 and concluded at 5:47.

His initial remarks were in Spanish and included him welcoming guests to "la casa blanca."

Obama talked about the history of Cinco de Mayo, which he said is "an opportunity to remember how deeply Mexican-American culture is interwoven into American culture."

Obama reaffirmed his commitment to passing comprehensive immigration reform, saying "our prosperity, our security demands" it.

The line generated big applause from the audience. A  female attendee shouted, "You can do it!"

Obama said the importance of the issue is why he took administrative action on his own, but said "Congress needs to step up."

Obama maintained progress isn't always a straight line in this country.

"The good news is the American people are with us because they know the story of America is the story of progress," Obama said.

The White House had no guidance on the number of people at the reception, nor any notables in the audience. Attendees were largely Hispanic, with a few exceptions, and included children.

Guest mingled among tables adorned with orange tablecloths and various floral arrangements. Soft music was playing the background, but was barely audible over the chatter.

One guest confided to your pooler, "The margaritas are great."


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