Fw: Pool Report 1 Jill Biden in Cuba. Havana Cultural Performance and departure

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Havana Pool Report 1

On Saturday afternoon Dr. Jill Biden attended a cultural performance
by Habana Compás Dance company, in Marianao, Havana. Dr. Biden arrived
at 1:40 pm and greeted the dancers.
She sat among young girls of the company, who later joined the spectacle.
“It´s wonderful”, she said talking about the headquarters of the
company, where she saw a spectacle that merges the spirit of Spanish
Dance with afro Cuban rhythms and contemporary dance, in which the
dancers also used percussion.
“Thank you so much. You are breathless now, but you left us breathless
as well”, she joked at the end of the show, when she also thanked the
musicians. “I want to see your hands, how did you do that?” she asked
Liliet Rivera, the director, drummer and choreographer for Habana
Compás Dance, who had been playing the beat for almost half an hour.
Rivera said it was an honor for her company to receive Dr. Biden and
to dance for her. “We´re very proud of representing Cuba”, she said.
Dr. Biden asked the company to return to the United States, since she
was told that they performed there once, in Tampa. “Please, come to
Washington, visit us!”, Dr. Biden said to them.
The dancers performed pieces of the choreography “Rhythm.”
“Really, really impressive”, Dr. Biden said about it. She added she
was amazed because of the strength of the spectacle.
Habana Compás Dance, founded in 2004, is directed by Rivera, an alumna
of the US. State Department-sponsored International Visitors
Leadership Program. Musical Director Eduardo Cordoba performs
percussion and also painted the colorful scenery.
After the performance, the motorcade departed and headed to José Martí
International Airport, where her Air Force flight departed for
Camaguey at 3:15pm.

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