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Pool Report #1, March 17, 2015
President Obama and Irish Prime Minster Kenny in Oval

Only news was Obama comments on budget, fuller pool report to come shortly.

Your pool was escorted at 11:30 a.m. into the Oval Office, where President Obama and Prime Minister (Taoiseach, pronounced “tee-shock”) Enda Kenny of Ireland sat next to each other and took turns speaking for about 12 minutes about common priorities including the economy and the TTIP trade agreement, immigration, the situation in Ukraine and the challenge posed by the Islamic State, among other issues.

Obama on the budget:

“I should mention that I was hoping for a little luck of the Irish as the Republicans put forward their budget today. Unfortunately, what we are seeing right now is a failure to invest in education and infrastructure and research and national defense – all the things that we need to grow, to create jobs, stay at the forefront of innovation and keep our country safe. It’s not a budget that reflects the future. It’s not a budget that reflects growth. It’s not a budget that is going to help ensure that middle class families are able to maintain security and stability, and that people who are trying to get into the middle class have the rungs on the ladder to get into the middle class….. We’re going to have a robust debate and my hope is, is that ultimately we’ll find some compromises where together we are financing the education, the research, the training, the building of roads and bridges and ports, railways, all the things that we need to grow and put people back to work and make sure that the incredible momentum that our economy has built over the last several years continues well into the future… I’ll keep my four leaf clover in my pocket and see if the Speaker and Mitch McConnell and others are interested in having that conversation.”

At 11:56 we rolled to Capitol Hill for the St. Patrick’s Day luncheon.


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