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POOL Report #1

June 1, 2015

Oval Office meeting with Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands

President Obama took no questions, saying “thank you so much” repeatedly as reporters briefly raised a chorus of shouts and the wrangler shouted even louder to herd the group out,  out, out.  CNN/Acosta asked POTUS if he had any comments about the expiring NSA authority.  Zip. Your POOL asked the president if he thought Sen. McConnell had learned any lessons. To that question, Obama looked at the questioner, smiled expansively, and said “thank you.”

Obama said he and the king (and queen, who was seated on a sofa to the right of her husband and the president) talked about Ukraine, NATO, Ebola, the United Nations (micro-lending and access to capital – a project of Her Majesty’s), battling ISIL/the Middle East, Afghanistan, and building on the progress of the 2014 nuclear security summit. Obama said he made “the solemn commitment to support the Dutch in the investigation of the Malaysian Airlines tragedy,” especially in terms of fact-finding and accountability.

“The Netherlands has consistently been one of our greatest allies,” Obama said.

The king and queen had been to Arlington National Cemetery before seeing Obama Monday, and he thanked the royal couple for their recognition of WWII veterans.

“Once again, U.S.A., thank you very much for liberating us,” the king said during brief and relaxed remarks following the president’s comments.

(Check the transcript for quotes, per usual.)

The king, 48, and the queen, 44, are in the United States May 31-June 3, following a state visit to Canada, which concluded Friday.  Following the White House/Washington, D.C., visit Monday, the royal couple will head to Grand Rapids, MI, and Chicago for events June 2-3.

Obama wore a gray suit and black tie. The king wore a blue suit and peach-colored tie. The queen wore a black and white color-block dress, a black hat, pearl jewelry and a black clutch handbag and black gloves rested on the sofa to her left. She smiled throughout, with her hands folded in her lap.

His Majesty Willem-Alexander assumed the throne in 2013, following the abdication of his mother, Queen Beatrix.  The king noted he was thankful “to be back” to see the president, after meeting during the 2014 nuclear security summit at The Hague.

(The Twitter hashtag created for the couple’s travels is #NLRoyalVisit, and The Netherlands’ trip description for the royal couple:  >http://www.the-netherlands.org<)

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