Fw: Pool report #1 -- POTUS at Anacostia Library

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Motorcade left the WH at about 10:50, bound for the Anacostia Library, where Obama is participating in a live "virtual field trip" with middle school students.

Uneventful ride. We pulled up outside the library just after 11. Lots of people on the streets in Anacostia, taking pictures with phones, waving, cheering. Some had signs that read "seniors for Obama!" and "seniors matter." One woman had a big red sign opposing same-sex marriage.

The event is being live-streamed, but your pooler will collect any good color or notable details for you.

Background from the White House:

President Obama will participate in a "virtual field trip" series with Discovery Education in an event moderated by 6th-grader Osman Yaya.  Osman, a student at Wicomico County Public Schools’ Bennett Middle School in Salisbury, Md., will be joined at Anacostia Neighborhood Library with a live audience of about 40 students from Kramer Middle School and Brightwood Education Campus in Washington, D.C.

Discovery reports that to date, 6,600+ classrooms with 566,000+ students have RSVP'd to watch and submitted more than 2,000 questions online.

Discovery Education and the White House’s Virtual Field Trip series, “Of the People” takes students behind the scenes to meet the people, places and issues that shape and inform our world. To date, participating students have experienced an inside look at the art and history of the White House with curator William Allman; a 21st century digital classroom with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan; the Let’s Move! initiative and cooking lesson with Sam Kass;  a cultural exchange featuring First Lady Michelle Obama in China; and Constitution Day with Archivist of the United States, David Ferriero. Each Virtual Field Trip session is supported with digital video and other learning resources to encourage and enhance student engagement.

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