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Pool was escorted into the East Room at 8:13pm for toasts. It was quite a tight fit for your pool. Orchids and cherry blossoms decorated the tables. Sake glasses were on the tables. There were also chopsticks across plates.

The room was lighted a soft pink

The president began speaking at 8:14pm

Some remarks (please cross reference with transcript):

Tonight we're breaking tradition a little bit and serving sake from Shinzo's home prefecture Yamaguchi and please enjoy yourself but not too much.

It's appropriate that we have a Japanese theme to our dinner this evening. This morning I mentioned the Japanese Americans who were such important friends and part of my community in my youth in Hawaii.

In 1957 Shinzo's grandfather... Addressed our Senate and house of Representatives. He said he hoped his visit would lead to a strong and enduring  partnership that would open the doors to a new era if Japanese-American relations Tomorrow. His grandson will continue to carry on partnership forward when he makes history as the first Japanese Prime minister to address a joint meeting of Congress.

The president attempted a Haiku:

Spring, green and friendship,

United States and Japan

Harmonious feeling (he said this last line in Japanese first before translating)

Let me propose a toast with some sake, be careful people, to our guests...  to the friendship between our two peoples and to our magnificent Alliance it is so much more than our two countries but for peace and prosperity in the world. May it endure for all seasons and all time. Period. Cheers.

The president handed over the podium to Abe at 8:23.

Abe then spoke:

Tomorrow I will address a joint session at Congress... I would like to send out a strong message that both Japan and the US which once fought with each other now achieved reconciliation and we will make contribution to addressing the challenges that mankind faces.

The current Japan US Alliance shows extremely close ties forming foundation for economic growth and economic prosperity.

Abe says he's a hard-core fan of House of Cards.

You won't find another bilateral relationship like ours.

The partnership between Japan and the US is simply unparalleled.

Abe compared relations between Japan and the US to the song ain't no mountain high enough.

I would like to propose a toast for good health and prosperity as well as the further development of the Japan US relationship

Abe  finished his remarks and pool was escorted out at 8:33.

A dinner lid was called at 8:37 until 9.

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