Fw: Pool report #11

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Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 10:43 PM
Subject: Pool report #11

Pool was escorted into State Dining room at 10:28. John Lloyd Young from the cast of Jersey Boys (2014) went up first at about 10:29 performing "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" , accompanied by a single pianist, Tommy Faragher (per press packet)

He then introduced 3 of his co-workers from the cast of Jersey Boys -  Erich Bergen, Vincent Piazza and Michael Lomenda per press packet- who all joined in for the next performance of "Sherry".

The pool was escorted out at 10:35 as "Big Girls Don't Cry"  was being sung by the cast.

And a travel photo lid was called at 10:40.

Enjoy your night.

Breanna Edwards
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