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After the songs and dancing, the two leaders made toasts that touched on the history between their two families and the two countries.

President Kenyatta spoke first and was effusive in his praise of POTUS. "We are once again delighted to welcome you to this country and to this city," he said.

"Riding on the wings of history,"  he described Obama as a president of historic consequence for America, for Africa and most importantly for Kenya."

Speaking about Barack Obama senior, Kenyata said "he had the same audacious hope you have."

He spoke about a decades old intiative to bring then newly independent Kenyans to study in America -- a group that included Obama's father.

Kenyatta said it could not have been predicted that the program would ultimately produce Obama, a man he described as an "engine to propel and transform the African continent."

As the toast reached crescendo some people in the audience ululated as a brass brand struck up the US national anthem.

POTUS began with a few words in Kiswahili, thanking Kenyans for their "incredible hospitality," for which he said, in keeping with his name, he was "truely blessed."

He acknowledged the some 20 members of Congress present, thanking them for the renewal of AGOA.

The also acknowledged the presence of his extended family.

He rembered on a previous visit that Mama Sarah - his step grandmother -- made a joke about POTUS being unable to understand local languages.

"He goes to Harvard, if he is so smart how come he can't talk to his grandmother," she said in translation.

Obama joked that some of his critics in the United States no doubt believed he was back in Kenya "to look for my birth certificate."

"That is not the case," he said.

He spoke about Kenyatta's father (Jomo) and his father,  who knew each other.

"It would have been hard for them to imagine how their sons might be sitting here today"

The brass band then played the Kenyan national anthem.

At 22:56 the motorcade is rolling back to the hotel.

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