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Cheers of "Let's Go Cubbies!" broke out when the 2016 Cubs team walked in.

Potus walked in at 1:39

"They said this day would never come" Potus said to cheers. "This is something none of my predecessors got to say: welcome to the White House World Series champions, the Chicago Cubs"

"I made a lot of promises in 2008... but even I was not crazy enough to suggest [that Cubs would win World Series] but I did say there is nothing false about hope".

"Flouts is a life long Cubs fan. She had to go to another event but in the eight years I've been here... Michelle has never come to a single event celebrating a champion until day."

"She remembers coming home from school and her dad would be watching a Cubs game..and the meaning the Cubs had to her and connecting with her father. I almost choked up [hearing her talk about it]... It's more than about sports"

Potus joked about his staff taking lots of sick days during the 2016 playoff (and a WH staffer being caught being interviewed on TV at a bar)

"The last time the Cubs won a World Series Teddy Roosevelt was president...we've been through world wars, the Cold War, the Great Depression"

The Cubs know what it is like to be loyal, to persevere, to suffer and to hope.

Potus called Theo Epstein "one of the greatest general managers of all time"
"Theo as you know his job is to quench droughts....I've talked to him about being DNC chair" Potus jokes "but he's wisely decided to stick to baseball"

Pool gives special shout out to MVP Kris Bryant "who like me marries up" and the other "amazing young talents" of the team

Potus ran through the events of the final Series game and then "everything changed. No more black cats, billy goats, ghosts"

Noted that some of the players had stopped by Walter Reed.

"Just to wrap up today I think is our last official event at the WH under my presence and it also happens to be a day that we celebrate one of our great American heroes Martin Luther King Jr"

"In our history sports has the power to bring us together even when we're divided"

"There is a line between Jackie Robinson and me standing here"

"Sports has a way sometimes of changing hearts in a way that politics or business hasn't. Sometimes it's just a matter of us being able to escape and relax..but sometimes it's about [finding something better in us]"

Potus finished up remarks at 2:01pm

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