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Here's a summary of Obama's remarks from Oval Office
> Obama started talk about 67th anniversary of Nato alliance. "Nato continues to be a lynchpin, a cornerstone" of US security policy" he said.
> Obama said the recent terrorist attack in Brussels said reaffirmed US and Nato's commitment to "staying focused on Isil" and the security of Europe and the world.
> "We recognize there are a broad set of challenges that have to be addressed all
> On Middle East: He said they agreed that one of Nato's main functions was stabilizing countries in the Middle East including Iraq and Libya.
> On refugee crisis in Europe: "Nato is going to be working with the European Union to help prevent the tragedies we saw last summer. Migrants taking very dangerous trips across waters to try and reach Europe." He said Nato would be working with Greece and Turkey to find "humane" measures to stem the crisis "even as we are also working together to bring an end to the Syrian conflict.
> "We had an excellent conversation about Afghanistan. Nato has obviously been an extraordinary partner with the United States." He said the coalition there continues to provide key support to the Afghan government and the Afghan security forces on the ground there in "pushing back against the Taliban" and "hopefully being able to arrive at some political settlement." "We are grateful for the sacrifices that Nato countries have made. The men and women have fought alongside US troops. They have fought together and they've died together."
> "The Warsaw Summit is coming up. We expect to follow through on the pledges that we've made."
> US and Nato "continue to be united in Ukraine in the wake of Russian incursions in the Ukrainian territory" and said they would continue to work in "a train and assist" fashion there to help Ukraine "to develop its military capabilities defensively."
> He said US wants Ukraine and Nato allies to know "we stand by our commitment to our allies". Obama said: "I have in my budget for quadrupling the resources that we spend" there.
> He added: Tthat does not mean we are not continuing to work with Russia to try and find a resolution to the problems in Ukraine. We think it's important to maintain a dialogue with Russia and in a very transparent fashion indicate the firmness of our resolve to protect our values and our allies" but also want to "reduce tensions and prevent an escalation".
> He added at the end: "I want to state how effective I think the Sec Gen Stoltenberg has been in managing a range of challenges."
> "Europe is a focal point of a lot of stresses and strains in the global security system"
> "It is because of the strength of the partnership both parties would be able to survive "the choppy waters".
> He then gave the floor to Gen Sec Stoltenberg before thanking the press. He did not take questions from the press. When a reporter shouted out a question about Donald Trump's recent comments on Nato, Obama gave a small smile and said "Thank you very much" as pool was escorted out of room.
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