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Potus opened his remarks by offering his condolences to the victims of the Orlando shooting and their families.

FBI Director James Comey will hold a briefing at noon to discuss further details of the case.

Potus said the Orlando shooter appeared to be motivated by "extremist information distributed over the internet". While at the last minute the shooter expressed allegiance to Isil, he did not appear to be part of a broader Isil plot.

He said it was "similar" to what we saw in San Bernadino. Noted that the shooter acquired his weapons - an assault rifle and Glock handgun. "It was not difficult to obtain these types of weapon," Potus said.

Potus noted that even as we go after Isis "hit their leadership, go after their infrastructure", it will also be after to go after the propaganda arm "and the perversion of Islam" on the internet.

He noted that the attack underscored the "risks we were taking by being so lax on firearms".

He said these sort of events tended to devolve into an "either-or" debate over gun control versus terrorism.

He said they were still looking at "all the possible motivations of the killer"

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