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President entered Rose Garden at 11:35 with VP Biden, who was tanned and beaming. President was serious but reflective. Obviously relishing 'I told you so' moment. In front row were senior officials including HHS secretary Sylvia Burwell and Valerie Jarret.

Check remarks against transcript.

'We finally declared that in America, health care is not a privilege for a few but a right for all.'

He talked about working 5 years to implement ACA. 'There have been successes and setbacks.' He evoked some laughter when he said 'setbacks I remember clearly.'

With the SCOTUS ruling, 'the Affordable Care Act is here to stay.'

If challengers had succeeded, millions would have lost subsidies.

'America would have gone backwards. That's not what we do.'

He ticked thru benefits of law: stay on parents plan to 26, Ex discounts for seniors, benefits for women, no lifetime caps.

Those who already have insurance through employers are on average paying less in premiums than pure-ACA, HE SAID.

'This is not an abstract thing. This is not a set of political talking points. This is reality.'

He recounted opponent doomsday scenarios, 'death panels,' etc.

'This law is working and its going to keep doing just that.'

The debate was 'not about Obamacare as a political football.' he said, and its 'never been about a government takeover.'

He said 'its working' or some variation several times but Poole doesn't have exact count.

He invoked Social Security and Medicare, controversial in their days but now woven into fabric of American life. 'This generation of Americans chose to finish the job.'

He concluded by saying there's work yet to be done but ACA would be there for 'generations to come.'

He looked at Biden and extolled public service. 'That's why we do what we do.' He shook Bidens's hand and walked back to Oval, taking no questions.

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