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Obama began remarks at 9:21 saying good morning in both Japanese and English.

Obama called Japan one of America's "closest allies in the world."

Some remarks (please double check  transcript)

This visit a celebration of the ties of family and friendship that bind our people.

Today is also a chance for americans especially our young people to say thank you for all the things from Japan the they love  like karate, karaoke, manga,  anime and of course emojis

This trip has historic significance in 1960 president Eisenhower welcomes prime minister Abe's grandfather... Here to the White House. They signed a treaty that endures to this day committing America and Japan to an indestructible partnership.

Today we welcome prime minister Abe as we broaden our alliance for our time.

Ours is an alliance focused on the future.

Obama spoke for about 6 minutes.

Prime minister Abe then spoke:

This official visit... Is a special one for me. Top has been to revitalize the alliance between Japan and the United States.

And now our bilateral relationship is more robust than ever. Our Alliance is back on track.... It is a great pleasure for me to realize this visit.

The world is facing numerous challenges more than ever. Japan will be at the forefront with the United States...

Remarks finished at 9:32 a.m. The president, first lady, prime minister and Mrs Abe waved to the crowd, departing at 9:35 a.m.

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