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On Background from a White House Official:

Today President Obama will honor “Champions of Change” who support working families and have helped to bring about change within their companies, communities or organizations by advocating for commonsense paid sick and paid leave policies, equal pay and an end to pregnancy discrimination to support our families, our businesses, and our economy. The President will be introduced by Champion of Change, Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft.  

Satya Nadella, Clyde Hill, WA
Satya Nadella is Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft. Before being named CEO in February 2014, Staya held leadership roles in both enterprise and consumer businesses across the company. Joining Microsoft in 1992, he quickly became known as a leader who could span a breadth of technologies and businesses to transform some of Microsoft’s biggest product offerings. Originally from Hyderabad, India, he earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Mangalore University, a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Chicago. Microsoft recently announced that over the next year it will make changes to ensure that a wide variety of suppliers that do business with Microsoft in the U.S. provide at least 15 days of paid leave each year to their employees who handle Microsoft work. He is married and has three children.

White House Working Families “Champions of Change”

Melissa Broome, Baltimore, MD
Melissa Broome is Acting Executive Director of the Job Opportunities Task Force. The JOTF develops and advocates for policies and programs to increase the skills, job opportunities, and incomes of low-skill, low-income workers and job seekers.  Melissa is a fervent advocate for public policies that reflect the reality of today’s working families.  In 2012, under her leadership, JOTF co-founded “Working Matters”, a statewide coalition that has since grown to 135 organizational members committed to advancing the Maryland Campaign for Paid Sick Days. As a working mom of three, Melissa is personally driven by a belief that no parent should have to make the impossible choice between their job and their child when illness strikes.

David Deary, Providence, RI
David Deary, PAC is a physician assistant in Providence, Rhode Island. He is married to Nicole Deary and they have three children, Colby (5), Caleb (3), and Elizabeth (8 months). David has been an advocate for and a beneficiary of the Rhode Island Temporary Caregiver Insurance (TCI) law. David’s three year old son Caleb was born with a rare brain malformation called lissencephaly. Caleb required a great deal of medical care (e.g., hospitalizations, home nursing, and many doctors’ appointments). With the development of the Temporary Caregiver Insurance (TCI) Law in Rhode Island, David and Nicole were able to take time out of work and care for Caleb during his final weeks. David and Nicole were provided with wage replacement benefits during this time of distress and were able to focus solely on spending time with their son before he passed. David continues to speak and advocate to further the TCI law in order to help other families like his own.

Netsy Firestein, Berkeley, CA
Netsy Firestein is a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment at UC Berkeley and a consultant on work and family, child care, women and labor issues. As founder and Director of the Labor Project for Working Families, Netsy led the coalition that passed paid family leave in California, which covers almost every worker in the state. Subsequently, she worked to build awareness and expand the new law. Netsy also co-founded Family Values @ Work, a network of 21 states working to build a movement for family friendly workplace policies such as family leave insurance and paid sick days.

Randy George, Middlesex, VT
Randy George founded The Red Hen Baking Company in Duxbury, VT in 1999 with his wife, Eliza Cain. Red Hen is s best known around Vermont for its line of certified organic, hearth baked breads which are baked and delivered daily throughout the state. Red Hen’s staff now includes 42 employees. Randy and Liza have been outspoken supporters of Paid Sick Days Legislation, increasing the minimum wage, and the Wage Gap Compact.  Their employees enjoy these benefits as well as other benefits such as health coverage, at-work massage therapy, bicycle commuting incentives and a dedicated lactation room.

Fatima Hasan, Philadelphia, PA
Fatima Hasan is the Owner and Director of Places and Spaces for Growth Learning Center, an early childcare center that prepares children for Kindergarten, providing high quality care at affordable prices.  The business has grown by word-or-mouth and has achieved three Keystone stars. Fatima has been in Early Childhood Education for 17 years advocating for children, families and the providers in this field. Fatima believes that all children, regardless of their race or social economic status, deserve a high quality education.

Rose Marcario, Ventura, CA
Rose Marcario is President and CEO of Patagonia, the outdoor clothing company based in Ventura, Calif. A certified B-Corporation, Patagonia’s mission is to build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. The company contributes 1 percent of net sales annually to grassroots environmental organizations around the world – totaling more than $61 million to date. For 31 years, Patagonia has supported working families by providing an in-house, on-site child development center for those based in Ventura – fostering generations of employee offspring Patagonia’s founder Yvon Chouinard has called his company’s “best products.” The Great Pacific Child Development Center, which will soon expand to Patagonia’s facility in Reno, Nev., provides traveling caregiver support for working parents with a child less than one year old. Patagonia also offers full company-paid health care and paid sick time for all employees, paid maternity and paternity leave and financial support to those employees who do not have access to on-site childcare. Rose came to Patagonia in 2008 with 15 years’ experience in corporate finance and global operations; since joining the company, she has worked to improve operations and financial performance, recruit and retain a world-class global workforce, and created a venture fund to make supply chain and strategic investments to benefit the planet.

Coraminita Mahr, Brooklyn, NY
Coraminita Mahr has demonstrated an unbending commitment to the struggle for peace and justice. As Vice President of 1199-United Healthcare Workers East/ SEIU, the largest local union, she has worked with the leaders and rank and file to advance the principle of economic security and human rights within the United States and global community. In 2012, Coraminita was appointed to serve on a public interest and advocacy campaign to secure enactment of a paid sick leave law for more than a million low wage workers in New York City. She continues to serve as a coalition member; the new goal is to seek passage of a family paid sick leave law for New York State. Coraminita has also served on the National Executive Board of the Coalition of Labor Union Women, supporting economic security, workplace opportunities and political empowerment for working women.

Analilia Mejia, Glen Ridge, NJ
Analilia Mejia serves as the Executive Director of the New Jersey Working Families Alliance, a statewide nonpartisan organization that seeks to promote and defend the interest of New Jersey’s working families. An affiliate of the Working Families Organization, NJWFA seeks to move policies and programs that to allow workers the financial stability to care for themselves, their families, and their communities. Integral to this mission has been their Earned Sick Days for NJ campaign, which has sought the passage of a strong statewide law by moving the adoption of several municipal ordinances that cover over 150,000 workers and sets the groundwork for extending this protection to 1.2 million workers across the state. Under her leadership, the Alliance has won ballot initiatives as well as successfully pushed for local ordinances in 10 municipalities across the state of New Jersey. In addition to earned sick days, the Alliance has worked extensively on fairness and equity policies; voter rights protections, accountability and transparency in government and other worker, family and women’s issues.

Andrea Paluso, Portland, OR
Andrea Paluso is co-founder and Executive Director of Family Forward Oregon and Family Forward Action, the organization that has led the paid sick days campaigns throughout Oregon. Andrea is a social worker turned community activist and policy wonk. She has worked in public education, community health clinics, and in international development. She has master’s degrees from Columbia University in social work and public health and a work history in public policy and nonprofit program management. Andrea also chairs the Everybody Benefits Coalition, a diverse statewide coalition that focuses on advancing paid sick days. Andrea hopes that her work will inspire and help parents, employers and policy-makers to create the kinds of policies that work for today’s families. Andrea is the mother of two kids, ages 8 and 10.

Renee Stromme, Bismarck, ND
Renee Stromme is the Executive Director of the North Dakota Women’s Network (NDWN), a statewide women’s advocacy organization. Prior to founding the NDWN in 2006, Renee worked for a domestic violence shelter, a domestic violence legal clinic, and the ND Council on Abused Women’s Services. While doing this work, she recognized a large gap in North Dakota; there was no advocacy organization that addressed women’s equality in a larger context. To fill this need, Renee worked with other leaders in the state to form the NDWN. This year, NDWN successfully led the efforts in the North Dakota legislature to pass a law requiring reasonable accommodations for pregnant women at work. Over the last nine years, she has worked to advance the status of women and girls in her state through communication, legislation and activism, with a policy focus on education, women’s economic security, reproductive health and freedom from violence.

ReShonda Young, Waterloo, IA
ReShonda is the owner of Popcorn Heaven, a gourmet popcorn store headquartered in Waterloo, IA. Popcorn Heaven employs about 20 people. ReShonda has been an active voice on Working Family issues, advocating for pay equity, healthcare reform, an increase in the minimum wage, and many other issues that will benefit working families. ReShonda is a founding member of the Iowa Main Street Alliance, a board member of the Main Street Alliance, and a USAction Board Member.

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