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At 2:42 the press corps was ushered into the Oval Office. With a George Washington painting looking over them, POTUS started the spray with a hearty "Happy New Year everybody," before launching into his continued call for new gun-control (measures), which he says will be unveiled in the coming days.

POTUS was wearing a blue shirt and tie and had a WH china tea/coffee cup on the table next to him with indecipherable contents. He also had on his flag pin and what the internet tells me is a Fitbit Surge. Wearing a brown dress and a matching sweater, AG Lynch sat to POTUS' right with a half empty water glass on the table nearest her. It sat on the wood and not the paper napkin.

Transcript of remarks coming from press office. POTUS spoke for about 4 minutes.

From White House:

Attorney General Lynch

James Comey, FBI Director
Thomas Brandon, ATF Deputy Director
Sally Yates, Deputy Attorney General
Valerie Jarret, Senior Advisor
Neil Eggleston, Counsel to the President


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