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> Guests are being announced as they walk through Booksellers, past tall vases fashioned of ice filled with masses of flowers. We can hear strains of string music.
> Some guests stopping to talk to reporters have connection to Nordic nations. Will Ferrell and his wife, Vivica Paulen, for example--she was born in Sweden and the couple visits frequently.
> Ferrell says it's their first White House dinner. "I hope we don't do anything wrong."
> Actor Joel Kinnaman is Swedish American, and says he wants Americans to know "we are a friendly country,well-educated and strong bearers of democracy in the world."
> Others, though, seem to be here by chance--or because of their relationship with the Obamas. "I honestly don't know," answers actress Connie Britton when asked if she has a Nordic connection. She noted she had been to the White House egg roll and the White House correspondents association dinner. "I'm a groupie at this point."
> "I'm here to see my First Lady," says tux-wearing Janelle Monae.
> Rapper Common said it was his first visit to the White House when he wasn't performing, so he could enjoy it more. "I'm looking forward to the unknown," he said. "I want to get information from some of the...dignitaries here tonight, to meet and hear from them."
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